Jerami Matlock



Jerami Matlock


Jerami’s musical journey began in San Diego, California with his musician mother. He later developed his craft by performing in talent shows at the age of 12. Yet his biggest development as a performer began with becoming a member of the world renowned Fisk Jubilee Singers.


“I truly learned how to perform with the Jubilee Singers,” Matlock notes. “Because everything was a cappella you had to learn how to really relate to your audience.” During his three years with the Fisk Jubilee Singers, he toured extensively throughout the U.S. and Italy. Afterwards, he graduated from the historic Fisk University with Bachelor of Arts degree in Music with a concentration in Voice.


In 2000, he and Ronald Black co-created a group known as Black Cotton, which produced original music and covers. After a three-year hiatus, in 2005, he became a member of the hip-hop & neo-soul group called The Prototype.


He released his solo debut EP entitled Musiclife in 2011. Musiclife is a handcrafted eclectic blend of soul, hip-hop, R&B, Afro-Latin jazz, and gospel. He wrote and arranged the majority of the songs on the album. Jerami collaborated with Cole, a female singer/songwriter, on the song “Who Loves You.” Musiclife speaks about the voyage of love, spirituality, righteousness and heartbreak through an introspective lens. “This writing process is relatively new for me” Matlock adds. “I’ve only used it for this album. I got the idea from Eric Benet. In an interview, heard him say that [keeping a journal] was the process by which he wrote his music.”


Jerami writes songs with the poetic soul of Stevie Wonder combined with the consciousness of Bob Marley. The concept of Musiclife is a collection of musical influences not haphazardly mixed together, but a patchwork of music and life experiences. “Well, what it [Musiclife] represents for me as an artist and a musician is … a collage of different sounds. The album does not sound the same from beginning to end. So, everything I like listening to, I put it in there in some form or fashion. The infusion of varied musical styles allows Jerami to create music not bound by specific genres. Nashville hip-hop producers John Ford and Van Johnson provide a unique organic sound to Musiclife.


After the release of Musiclife, Jerami experienced a setback with the theft of all of his musical equipment and recorded material. Jerami recalled, “Immediately, I was devastated. More than anything else it was the work that I completed that was on the computer [was the hardest loss] that stuff is gone and I can never get it back.” Despite the loss of musical equipment and his recorded material, Jerami continued to perform. He noted, “I never stopped performing. I always found a way to play with a band. [Anyway] I could find a way to perform. I never stopped performing.” 


As a result, his performances became more innovative. Jerami asserted, “It made me think outside the box. You’re no longer in your comfort zone. You’re no longer where you are used to being. You have a problem to solve. I have a gig tonight and I have a keyboard controller, an iPad, and an iPhone. Now, how can I make that work?” 


Though it took a few years to get reestablished, Jerami notes, “I wanted to get the tools of my trade back…I’m now better than I was before.” 

Currently, Jerami is writing and producing music for Nashville based musicians. Additionally, he is the musical director for the JMat Band, a Nashville based R&B Soul Band. Jerami’s new solo project tentatively titled MusicLife II is scheduled to be released spring 2019